Sunday, 19 January 2014

Experience the royal charm on Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Train

Many travellers pursue India in an attempt to experience its rich royal roots. And the destination that comes up first in this special pursuit is Rajasthan. Crowned as the land of royals, the state has grace, grandeur and glamour to captivate the interest of any traveller. And if we mix the fervour of luxury in it, the joy of the journey multiplies. Keeping the age old association of the region with majestic living in mind, the state has to its credit two luxury trains, i.e. Palace on Wheels and Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.
While Palace on Wheels is inspired by the extravagant lifestyle of the royal princes and kings, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is a modern day interpretation of luxury living in the country. Based on contemporary royal living, this train is an ode to the heritage of royals who lived their life on a larger than life format. For them, everything is defined by extremes. Be it love, patronizing, or admiring, these kings had no bounds on their expression. Even during their travelling, these royals wanted their luxuries to be accompanied with them. This idea brought into life the concept of luxury train.
Every moment aboard this luxury train is woven into an unforgettable experience to be cherished for a lifetime. With utmost consideration of modern day luxury expectation juxtaposed on the medieval royal heritage, the train journey is an attempt to revive the royal lifestyle. Every journey herein rekindles the luxury in the most promising form. Modeled in a contemporary royal style, the train is equipped with the brilliant interiors, gourmet delight, expensive wines, and personalized service by the royal attendants, making you feel like a king for seven days.

Amid the royal comforts of luxury, a respected passenger is taken through a string of legendary cities replete with forts and palaces, desert stretches and jungle escapes for a journey nonpareil. Truly, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Train Tour is a befitting tribute to the royalty of the state resonating in every way possible. 

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