Monday, 24 November 2014

Luxury Trains of India - A Carrier of Priceless Culture

India is known worldwide for its rich cultural wealth. The culture here is seen as a way of life and is reflected by its colours, dance, music, monuments, traditions, hospitality and royal luxury. These attractive aspects express the country's priceless heritage creatively. Tourists coming to India are totally fascinated by its culture and want to have a first hand experience of the country's cultural expression.

For travelers, a journey in the luxury trains comes as the most fascinating experience of a lifetime. The railways here offer selective journeys through the cultures thriving on royalty, receptive hospitality and luxurious lifestyle. The trains creatively blend the essence of exotic Indian luxury with its colourful culture to create a memorable experience. A journey of seven days with unique itineraries combining heritage, traditions and luxury of the royal regions in a way that is larger than life a travel on-board of these luxury chariot is a 'must do' on an Indian visit.

The special aspect of these luxury trains is its association with the past. These trains authentically recreate the full-fledged royal ambiance and experience for the travellers and offer them a glimpse of the glorious past and the present of India.

  The trains here epitomize the welcoming nature of the country. As per this, the guests experience the rich and receptive hospitality based on the customary Indian welcome based on Aarti and Tilaka. There is a deep meaning behind this ritual. Indians believe that there is god in everyone, so through this ritual, they respect the god in you. This welcoming reception makes the passengers eagerly await the fabulous experiences.

But wait, this is just a beginning in a string of royal experiences. Every moment following this is a testimony of exclusivity and priceless experience which begins right from the point guests board the train. The palatial ambiance of the luxury trains based on the region's cultural magnificence awes the guests. The carpetted walkways lead the purveyors of royalty to their respective personal suites for the most personal experience of royal luxury. Other social spaces like restaurants, lounge bars, etc also echo the same exciting palatial fervour. The main attempt for this royal theme is to establish the richness of the country's culture in its art, craft, and lavish traditions. 

Adding on to this, the guests also receive superlative assistance, thanks to the inclusion of ardent attendants, fondly addressed as Khidmatgars. Equipped in catering to the requirements of all kinds, the attendants on a journey serve the guests with their timely and effective service. They even present the most hospitable experience to the guests based on the receptive Indian culture.

Next comes the most interesting part of any India luxury train tour, i.e. excursions. There are many custom made tours that offer the cultural sightseeing of unique monuments, forts, palaces and other architectural attractions. The special guided tours also introduce the guests to the destination and enrich their cultural knowledge in an impactful way. During excursions, the guests are introduced towards the rich historical and cultural aspect of the destination. 

Every moment, on board and off board passes instantly, leaving revered guests wanting for more and more. Such is the magnificence of the luxury train that leavs the guests spellbound with its unique cultural and traditional persona. 

We can even say that these unique trains are bedecked with the superlative luxurious experience that brings the best cultural introduction to the country. They are a carrier of priceless Indian culture and present the luxurious side of the country in the most exciting way.

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