Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Treasure the Incredible Joyride on the Rajasthan Luxury Train Tours

Rajasthan is always linked with royalty and luxury. The state has a regal spirit and flamboyant persona that has lent an aura of charming luxury to this destination. There are many forts, palaces, temples and heritage mansions that retain the real essence of the royal kingdoms. While standing still, these architectural legacies narrate the enchanting and gracious side of royal families. Same is the case with endearing hospitality that also brings laurels to the royal state as the congenial destination.

Hospitality is embedded in the spirit of Rajasthan and this is one of the distinctive aspects why tourists continue to come here throughout the year. The well-known hospitable traditions here truly inspire the people here to indulge the guests with their courteous hospitality.

Greeting people with smiles, helping tourists in their needs, serving them bigheartedly and guiding them wherever and whenever possible is just one side of Rajasthan's hospitality. The other side of generosity here surrounds the tourists in ultimate luxury.

There are many ways to familiarity the royal luxury here. Tourists can stay in the inheritance mansions or hotels and even travel in a commanding way over the luxury trains of India. Two of the five luxury train brands in India belong to the royal Rajasthan. This fact itself defines the destination's fascination of luxury.

Inspired by the illustrious past of the region, these special trains present the finest side of India for tourists who want nothing but the best. Even though this indulgence comes at overgenerous prices, still every dollar spent for this special ride is worth it for the incredible experiences it offers with every expedition.

These trains present a contrasting interpretation on luxury of the land. The first one, the Palace on Wheels is deeply subdued and conditioned as per the state's continuing heritage. It is also the first luxury train in India. Inspired by the indulgent lifestyles of the kings, the train offers promising way to enjoy the royal luxury in the most impressive way.

Rightly described as a week in wonderland, this special train trip is bedecked with the luxury of all kinds one expects for a highly amazing holiday. Every imaginable indulgence belonging to the royal times is an exclusive part of this luxury train. When it started the operations, the train had coaches used by princely rulers of India during their long journeys. In modern times, the exclusive railway upgraded its coaches as per the contemporary standards. Still, the heritage amount is deeply etched with the name of the Palace on Wheels train and tourists come to witness its same old world charm.

Another disparity edge of the train is the legacy of Khidmatgars. These were the royal attendants who always served the kings with great dedication. The appointment of Khidmatgars inside the train also establishes the importance of guest's comfort aboard. After all, the guests are the kings travelling for a week aboard the Palace on Wheels.

The second one, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is the modern-day interpretation of the region's reminiscent royalty. Conceptualized as the creative culmination of the old and the new, this royal railway is intended in a contemporary royal way. The train keeps the legacy of its parent train intact with the inclusion of splendid interiors, wishful dining & wines, and modified service by the Khidmatgars. All overcome the lavish crown of receptive and welcoming hospitality.

Remaining wonderments of this exclusive journey is covered through the stately excursions around the royal destination. Featuring a sightseeing of fairy-tale forts, desert citadels, rich palaces and exclusive game drives, these excursions are one of the major tourist attractions of these rare luxury train experiences in Rajasthan.

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